Still no security changes made since teen drowned at city pool -

posted on 19 Aug 2015 10:49 by boilingpocket827
Strickland claimed every pool protection electronic camera must be supported up with upgraded modern technology.

I was wishing since that little boy passed away, theyd make a distinction, Crawford said. Orleans Street where 13-year-old Cedric Walton passed away in July.

He previously told WREG that Delta Safety and security alerted the Internet company, AT&T, not the city. Its shown no responsibility, city councilman and also mayoral prospect Jim Strickland said.

It should be closed down following summer month till they do something a lot better with it.

There is various other innovation out there that could be the pool pro used as data backup, he stated. Delta Safety and security claimed that was not true.

The firm the city uses to check the swimming pools, Delta Security, told WREG it alerted the city, but absolutely nothing was swimming pool service done.

The city administration, the Wharton management, understood before the hayward cleaner parts fatality that the Net was down. So, we should certainly apply that in any way these pool.

Crawford claimed if the city is not visiting work to improve points after such a dreadful catastrophe, he would rather have no pool whatsoever.

Given that you all came out last time, I haven't checked anybody discussing that pool, he told WREG.

Meanwhile, Strickland and also Crawford merely really want action.

Net solution for the security cams was down at the time when Walton jumped the fencing while the swimming pool was shut as well as drowned.

Mayor A C Wharton did not reply to duplicated requests for an interview. I don't think it would be that costly. Its the usual, same old.

MEMPHIS, Tenn. However they have not made a difference. Gerald Crawford lives right nearby from the city swimming pool on S.